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Yoga for Kids with Yoga Bill

Yoga for Kids with Yoga Bill - Bring Yoga to life for your child through this playful and effective approach to this beautiful art and science. Teacher Bill Banick connects with the children through story-based movements, song and fun social interaction of the group. Children have a natural affinity to Yoga postures and Bill allows that to blossom in every class. Bill introduces breathing, relaxation and meditation in a basic, understandable way. Yoga has shown to be effective in promoting focus, freer expression and a release from stress and anxiety. Your child will have a great time and learn some practical, life-enhancing skills.

Family Yoga

Family Yoga with Yoga Bill - Learn yoga with other families in a playful atmosphere. This practice consists of breathing, movement, postures, and relaxation. It is the perfect way to reconnect with yourself and loved ones. Come have fun and relieve stress at the same time.

Taijiquan (T'ai-chi) & Qigong

Taijiquan is an ancient Chinese martial art based on internal energy or “chi”. It uses slow flowing and connected movement to integrate the mind and body and generate flexibility, strength and well-being. Receive individualized instruction offered within a group setting. Classes consist of seated and standing exercises (Qigong), taiji walking, and traditional taiji forms.


All are welcome in classes-no prior experience necessary. Classes are ongoing at both Miller Library and through Hamden Adult Education.  Traditional Northern Wu-style Taiji is taught at Hamden Adult Education, while the 24-postures Yang-style Taiji form is taught at the Miller Library classes.


aCHIevements - An Adaptive class for children who have special needs and their families. Learn to help your child create balance between their inner and outer worlds through the playful use of T'ai-Chi and Yoga elements. Visualization, sound, movement and props will be used in simple coordinated sequences to playfully integrate fun with relaxation. Participants should dress to move easily, wear sneakers with socks and bring water to class.

BigFaceLove Partner Yoga

BigFaceLove Partner Yoga - Connect with your partner, through yoga, thai yoga massage, and relaxation. Build intimacy and trust in a safe and open environment. Create joy and laughter as you relax together. Class is designed for students of all levels and abilities, and modifications are offered to adapt postures for beginners through advanced students

Martial Arts

Liu Seong Royal Kung-Fu

Liu Seong Royal Kung-Fu is a combat martial art system developed by Willem Reeders. It is a blend of Chinese and Indonesian martial arts. Classes consist of a warm up focusing on flexibility and strength training and then progress through a series of blocking, striking and kicking techniques eventually leading into form training and self-defense techniques as well as light sparring. This complex system is engaging to the mind and body and helps develop focus, concentration and confidence.

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BigFaceLove Yoga &
Yoga with Bill

Need a lift? BigFaceLoveYoga is a mindful blend of form and flow rooted in the Hatha Tantra tradition and designed to deepen your yoga practice as it uplifts the spirit and soothes the mind. A safe and open environment is created where laughter and acceptance is encouraged, and students feel comfortable exploring new postures. Combining asana postures pranayama (breathing) and meditation, each class is uniquely structured to meet the needs of the students. Skillful instruction and thoughtful assists gently guide each student towards reaching the next level in their personal practice. Deeply held postures, performed with joy and levity, lighten the heart, free the body and uplift the spirit. BigFaceLove will help you manage your energy, transcend your limitations and help you ascend to a higher state of being.

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