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  • I have been studying yoga with Bill for 8 years. He is an amazing teacher who embodies the principles that he teaches. His patience, acceptance, and good humor have really supported my personal growth and my yoga practice. His knowledge about yoga is outstanding. He really knows his stuff. We have a class of friendly, welcoming, people with a sincere commitment to deepening their yoga. Its the best!   Deb

  • I have been a regular student of Bill Banick's since 2007. Since my first yoga class with him I have felt safe, challenged, welcomed and excited to learn the practice. Bill creates a wonderful environment for one to be able to go inside of one's self, to find and push past their limits and to have fun. He is an intuitive, intelligent, creative and lively teacher. His extensive knowledge of yoga is evident and he never fails to share it in a digestible format in every class. His ability to share the practice in the spiritual and fun way he does is inspiring. Eileen Porter

  • One thing I realized though, Yoga with you is like eating from "gumps" box of chocolates ,you even make the weird square jelly ones taste good! Aside from that I thought I'd say......" Yoga practice with Bill has become so much more than my suggested daily dose. It's more like wash,rinse,and repeat over and over again. Every part of me thanks you!!!!!"    Lisa T

  • How does a teacher combine seriousness of purpose and well-thought out, challenging classes with utter silliness? I can't tell you, but Bill Banick does it every time. Karen B

  • I had never taken a yoga class before, but at 55 years old, I knew it was time. A friend in the know had recommended Yoga With Bill. So, I drove past the place many times; they're in there,I thought. Finally, one Tuesday, I went. "I've never taken a yoga class before" I said. "Great! Welcome!", he said. I could not believe my good fortune. What a great teacher! I was right, I can't live without this. Tim K

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